December 30, 2005

This is my first blog post at my official Simply Tech site. I have been blogging a little on a more personal level at www.homesauce.wordpress.com. As I and my podcasting co-host Zach get back to school, we will working on a new site design of Gamer-Station. Then, hopefully by Febuary 1st, we can start focusing on Simply Tech and give your great, informative tech content.

Oh, and an aside of Windows users. Watch out for the new vulnerability in Windows XP, and possibly older versions as well. An error in the way Microsoft renders Windows Meta Files (WMF) can allow attacks to gain access to your computer and install various software. There is a partial fix floating around the internet right now, but that is said to fix only a part of the problem. Be careful viewing any pictures until Microsoft issues a patch; it is as simple as viewing a webpage to get infected.

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