Simply Tech and Gamer-Cast

Hey guys, I think it’s time for me to update you on the status of Simply Tech and Gamer-Cast. The site for Simply Tech is coming along nicely. Zach has finished the design of the site as of last night and has started the coding of the template this afternoon. I am hoping to have a semi-functional site up sometime this weekend, but I haven’t spoken to Zach about this possibility yet so I don’t have a good idea of the feasibility of getting the site online this weekend. We are hoping to have our first podcast online and ready for download around the first of February, but barring any setbacks on the site and school/homework/work issues, it could be later than that.

Gamer-Cast is pretty much dead as of right now. Matt and Kaleb are putting a lot of time and effort into Gamernode and their shows over there. They don’t feel they have enough time for the Gamer-Cast side project, so if you must hear their voices, go listen to the Gamernode Radio. While I would love to keep the Gamer-Cast episodes coming, Gamernode Radio is a major project and I wish both Matt and Kaleb all the success they can have. From what I hear, they are planning a final “Good-bye” episode of G-C 2.0 and I am looking forward to that.

I also want to discuss the goals and purpose of Simply Tech.  Zach and I both love technology. Any topic from HDTV’s to computer viruses can produce a lot of discussion between the two of us. We spent hours discussing random topics in technology and also spend many hours of the week doing research for our own knowledge gathering. Simply Tech is the culmination of many chats and discussions on technology. We want Simply Tech to be the instrument through which we deliver our knowledge and opinions on technology to the masses. It’s purpose is to provide our listeners valuable insight into the world of tech the way we, two college students with a passion for tech, see it. For us, it is not about gaining a huge listenership as TWIT or Security Now have achieved. The hosts for those two shows are professionals with years of experience under their belts. We are young tech followers who will try to educate our listeners on a wide spectrum of tech topics and also encourage their own pathways into the technology world.

That is what Simply Tech is all about to me, sharing our information and creating more passionate tech users. If I can help one person with one problem, I will be happy. If I can fuel fire to one person’s passion for anything tech, I will be happy. There have been many people that have helped educate and fuel me towards my current knowledge, and I want to help others just as those before have helped me.

The world of technology is such a vast and ever-changing place. The wide spectrum of topics and the rapid rate of innovation really excite me. I hope that it can excite all of you as well.


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