Episode 1 Online

Well guys, Zach and I spent a few hours piecing together the first episode of SimplyTech. It is now online and available for your listening pleasure. I’ll be back later on with a more detailed post once I set up the feed and get on iTunes and such.

Just wanted to write out a more detailed post when I was a little less busy shaping up things. I have been busy getting Odeo, iTunes, Podcast Alley and Frappr set up. I am waiting for iTunes and Podcast Alley to accept SimplyTech as a new feed. I am also waiting for the Odeo servers to update and see that our channel has audio there. However, our Frappr group is all set up though and ready for all our listeners to add themselves to the map. As soon as I hear from iTunes and Podcast Alley, Zach or I will update up the buttons on the site. We will also get a FeedBurner button on site tonight or tomorrow.

On the first podcast, I realize we didnt cover that much tech content tonight. But as I said below, Zach and I wanted to give the listeners a sense of who were are, how the podcast came about, and what to expect in the future. Oh, one thing I should mention. You might have noticed as you were listening, the title of the podcast was Episode 1 (beta), or something like that. We named it beta because the plan right now is, once we determine our introduction music, to add that music to this episode and offer that as a download as well. The content of this first episode won’t change, but we will just have some cool music to intro the podcast.

I think that’s it. Enjoy the podcast, and don’t be afraid to leave some feedback. Whatever you have to say, we would love to hear.

Link: http://simplytechlive.com/podcasts/episode001.mp3
Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/simplytechlive

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