SiteAdvisor Browser Plug-in

Upon reading Chris Pirillo’s recent blog post, I quickly checked out the SiteAdvisor website, and installed the Firefox plug-in. I haven’t played around with the application too heavily, but the concept, in my opinion is great. SiteAdvisor added a small image to my browser’s status bar, and it changes colors depending on the application’s view of the website. Also, when you search google for “screensavers,” SiteAdvisor adds either a green checkmark, a yellow exclamation point, or a red X. The simple analogy to street light colors fits here. Green is go, yellow is caution, and red is stop. As you hover over the images, you can receive details as to why a site has the ranking that it does. And there is a more link that takes you to a very detailed explanation on their website. For example, has not sent spam to SiteAdvisor, but it links to many other sites that are also listed as red  and  SiteAdvisor saw a few pop-ups from elitesavers.

I probably won’t find this extension to be extremely useful, but I will definitely be recommending it to many of my less tech-savvy friends. It will also be interesting to see if my opinion of a website differs from the SiteAdvisor ranking.

Right now, the SiteAdvisor plug-in/extension is in the Preview phase. But you can sign up to preview the product. Hopefully the release version is out soon for widespread use, but I would suggest checking out the preview version if you are interested at all, or worried some sites you visit might hurt you and your computer.

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