SimplyTech Episode 2 Online

Well, the 2nd episode has been out for a few hours, and I apologize for not posting here right away. But I got a little bit busy with all the other things I needed to do to get the podcast ready for your ears. There are few house-cleaning items I would like to get out of the way now.

One idea I had about a month ago for a different project that never surfaced was to set up a mailing list for everyone that is interested in receiving instant notification of new podcast releases. The plan would be to send out a mass email to the entire list the minute the new episode goes online. This would be an opt-in deal, and I would only use it to send notifications of the new episode. So if you need to know when the newest episode is out right away, send me an email at and I’ll add you to the mailing list.

You can find the articles we used for our news stories about CES and the mp3 player debate online at SimplyTech. Also, Zach and I set up a account to share various articles we might want to use for the podcasts. Each article has a tag that relates to what episode we used it on, like EP1 or EP2. So if you want to see that, its online as well.

Like I said in the forums, we are always looking for feedback on the episodes. However, regarding this episode specifically, we are looking for feedback on the length of the episode, as Ep. 2 went quite a bit longer than the first. So do you think it was too long, tolerable, just right? So please share any thoughts on the length of the podcast, and also general comments on the podcast itself.

Also, in closing, I want to publically retract my comments about the Bethany Lutheran College IT Department. In the first episode, I said I hated the IT Dept, however that isn’t true or a fair thing to say. My main problem with the network here at school is that it doesn’t allow me to use Linux. So it was wrong for me to say I hate the IT Dept. I just really wish I could use Linux on campus.


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