Episode 3 Online

Episode 3 is online now. We covered big screen TV’s in this podcast. Zach carried most of the show, as you all know he is the home theater guy. I tried to ask some important questions where I was confused cause I figured if I was confused, most of the listeners would be too. Show notes are not up yet, but we hope to have them up later on
tonight. I know we promised some links to examples of the TVs, so I’ll get Zach working on that once he gets back from work. The feed should be updated soon as well.
 As always, thanks to Chris Johnson and the Bethany Studio. If it weren’t for Chris and the studio, we would not be able to record these podcasts. Sorry Chris, that we forgot to put the thank you in the podcast. We also want to thank our good friend Jesse Becker for being willing to record that introduction for this. At the end of the episode, we have some pretty hilarious outtakes. Enjoy.
Link: http://www.simplytechlive.com/podcasts/episode003.mp3
Feed: http://www.simplytechlive.com/feed.xml

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