Home Again & New Open Source Releases

Since I had a three day weekend, I’m back home to spend some time with the family, and get a new car. My ’93 Le Sabre broke down in Iowa, and now I’m getting a 2000 Impala. Not a bad tradeoff. It is nice to get away from school and the small dorm. It felt really nice to sleep in my comfortable bed the last few nights.

A few newsworthy item in the open source world. The article that really caught my eye was the release of the new version of Flock. If you haven’t heard of Flock before, it is an open source browser based off the popular Firefox. Flock integrates blogging, online picture galleries, online favorite sites like del.icio.us, and other features directly into the browser. I must say that I haven’t found too much use for anything but the blog editor, but the Flickr uploader is great for anyone that loves to post pictures online.

Flock is now up to version 0.5.11, just a few bugs short of 0.6. The work has come along nicely, and I am expecting great things from this open source project. It along with Firefox, continue to be my browsers of choice. Here is the official announcement of Flock version 0.5.11: "Announcing Flock 0.6 0.5.11. We have some new features, some refinements, and some rough edges (hence we decided to continue our fine tradition and not call this 0.6 after all). Read all about what’s new in this build in the release notes. Basically, we’ve got a rough draft of a browser that we hope you will be able to use for the next couple months while we add some more features and ponder a few important user interaction thingies." –source.

Also, the 4th Alpha version of Ubuntu 6.04 was released this past week. This version contains some updates to the graphical installer, a new version of GNOME, a simplifed start up menu, and added podcasting support to Rhythmbox. The podcast support was something that I had a hard time finding on my first run through Ubuntu 5.10. I’m glad to see it included in the upcoming April release. Find more information on 6.04 in the Ubuntu wiki.

Oh, and on a talk with Kaleb last night, he made two claims, at least one of which I hope he backs up. First, he said Apple will switch its processors again, this time switching to AMD. I find this claim pretty hard to believe and even understand. Switching processsors twice in one year doesn’t make sense in any regard. Second, he predicted that Apple will stop making its OS and focus solely on hardware. I can see this happening, and that claim makes switching to the Intel chip seem logical. Whether or not it happens, that’s another issue. If it does, won’t Apple be another dumbass grey box?

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2 Responses to Home Again & New Open Source Releases

  1. Well i suppose i should at least comment on the two “claims” i made earlier(only one of which was serious). The later claim was one that i actually believe will happen. Why would Apple pull out of the OS industry? Simply because they only have a 5% market share and have found other profitable areas to explore(ie iPods, iTunes and the like). The only reason for them to stay in the OS industry, would be to make a statement; which Steve Jobs has been known for.

  2. Lloyd D Budd says:

    Hi Jon,

    Good luck with your new car, and thank you for the positive feedback regarding Flock. The Photo Uploader, Photo Browser’s search, favorites and history searching, and textarea spell checking are my favorite features.

    I don’t know about those Apple predictions 😉

    All the best to you,
    Lloyd D Budd
    Flock QA (Qommunity and quality Assurance)
    Flock / http://flock.com
    blog / http://foolswisdom.com/~lloyd

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