Episode 4 Online

Well, about an hour ago, the mp3 was done being exported. So you guys are hearing from me right after I finished listening to things and editing the feed. I think the podcast ended up ok, and I loved talking about open source software tonight. Also, I am pretty happy that we actually released an episode on the scheduled day of week, albeit quite late on Tuesday. I’m still glad we finally got it up on a Tuesday.

Also, the website should be updated sometime within the next day or so. I do have a paper to write yet tonight, so I’m not sure if I will have to get the site edited with links to the applications we listed. I realize there were quite a few applications that we could have talked about like other distros of Linux, Flock, and many, many other Open Source products. However, we are trying to keep the episodes around a half hour in length. So we had to limit the number of applications we talked about.

*Update* Looks like I found the time to get the website updated. So check it out, I added a description of the podcast and also links to websites that pertain to the applications mentioned in the podcast. You will also find a link to the GNU page on the philosophy of open source software, which is a good read if you want to know why open source advocates feel the way they do. And there is also a link to our delicious account. You will find similar links to the ones on the site, along with links I looked at for the podcast.

Link: http://www.simplytechlive.com/podcasts/episode004.mp3
Feed: http://www.simplytechlive.com/feed.xml

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