Busy, Ubuntu Lite, and SimplyTech Update

Well, its been awhile since I have posted here. And its all due to this great thing we call mid-terms. So while I am all excited to go home, relax, and work a little, but I had/have to do alot of homework and studying for exams this week. And if you know me, I hate classes that I don’t care about, and I have zero classes I care about this semester. So I was spending time on stupid classes, when I could have been reading tech articles, podcasting, and writing blog posts. That all puts me in a bad mood. But now I am mostly done with homework for the week, so I’m gonna take some time to write a few lines here.

Enough of the non-tech bumble, I have gotten a few questions about using Linux on an older computer. A group of developers have taken the Ubuntu distro, and made an official version of it, UbuntuLite. It is Ubuntu made for slower, older computers. If you are looking to make your old computer useful again, I would check out UbuntuLite, or DamnSmallLinux.

Also, as far as SimplyTech goes, Zach and I apologize for being late this week. School and work didn’t allow us to record, but we are planning on recording tonight. However, we are more than likely taking a week break while we are on vacation. We will see what happens in the next few days, but it’s looking like we will miss an episode. 

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