Episode 5 Online

Zach and I were a little short on time this week, with mid-terms, work and Spring Break cramping our schedule. So, we didn’t get a chance to prepare this week. Rather than not have a podcast for two straight weeks (this coming week will not have a podcast due to Spring Break), we decided to record a casual podcast, and just discuss whatever pops in our heads. We discussed the latest news from the Mac camp, and Zach ranted a little about the future of cell phones.

This week’s podcast was also an adventure because we tried out GarageBand, instead of using Pro Tools. We wanted to try the new podcast-specific options in GarageBand. So we will probably try the configuration we had this week again next week, and see how it works with a normal episode, content-wise. Let us know what you thought about the more casual feel to the podcast, and your general thoughts on our work so far. I believe we keep getting better every week, which is a big goal for any podcast. Hopefully we didn’t regress this week.

Link: http://www.simplytechlive.com/podcasts/episode005.mp3

Feed: http://www.simplytechlive.com/feed.xml

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