Thoughts on Ubuntu, Flock and Firefox

Well, I worked another 8 hours  cashiering at a grocery store. I’m in college, and I gotta make money somehow. Anyways, I jotted down some thoughts about some open-source projects I have been using heavily lately. Let’s see if they make sense now.

Flock: For me to use Flock, I need to have a favorites sidebar, like Firefox has. If you have listened to SimplyTech episode 4, Zach called me an anal-retentive computer user. I like the way I have my computer set up, and I don’t really like change. So, if the people at Flock are looking to convert me to their browser, they are going to need to add in a favorites sidebar.

Also, a big thing that Flock has going for it in the Web 2.0 community is integretion with, Shadows, Flickr, and and I hear Photobucket support is on the way. However, I feel they should include links to these various services in their getting started page. I did find a link to Flickr, but none for the others. Links to and Shadows are included in the Favorites preferences. I just feel that Flock is putting a lot of work to provide easy integration, they should also provide links to create accounts for people without accounts for these services.

Firefox: Over the course of this school year (August till now), I have put Firefox on many computers that I have fixed. And I usually install some version of Firefox. I tell you, Mozilla should definitely hire me as a promoter or something. However, I think fewer than 10% of these installations install or even know about the availability of extensions/themes. I think should try to promote extensions to every day folks. To this end, I feel they should create a more informative start page, rather than just a search for Google. Perhaps a first run page that describes differences from IE or something. I do like the page that Flock set up, very nice.

Ubuntu: I have used Ubuntu pretty intensively while I have been home on breaks from school. This spring break I finally decided to jump on the Ubuntu IRC channel on freenode. I must say thank you to all the very helpful and knowledgeable people in that channel. There are always a few people that can answer pretty much any question someone has to throw at them. That’s great support.

I do have a few problems with 5.10 though. I would like to podcast download support by default. But I have heard that the next version 6.04 will have podcast supported built in. This is something I will look forward to. Also, I have had some troubles moving files from my Linux partition to my FAT32 partition. The terminal complains about lost permissions. Someone in the IRC channel said that FAT32 has troubles with permissions and this is normal. However, I feel it is weird that the terminal says that the move was not permitted, yet the files ended up being moved. That is not very convenient.

Overall, I am liking these three open source projects, and I look forward to future releases of all three. They just have to clean up the rough edges. 

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