SimplyTech Ep. 6 and Flock 0.5.13

Well, it seems if I spend too much time away from my computer, the Flock community will surprise me with a new release while I am gone. One main attraction of the new version is the previously mentioned addition of Photobucket to the online photo sharing services Flock integrates with.

Also, I spent quite a bit of time over sping break doing QA work for Flock with Lloyd, a lead QA guy at Flock. I must thank Lloyd for helping me out in my work for Flock, especially these past few days as he has helped me improve my bug reporting and communication skills.

Also, Zach and I recorded ST Ep. 6 tonight, in which we continued our Home Theater series with an episode on DVD players. We mainly focused on the upcoming technologies, HD-DVD and Blu-ray. We figured most people understand standard DVD players well enough, so we speculated on the future of these movie players.

You can find the audio for Ep. 6 and the feed at SimplyTech.


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