Well, I think I made a pretty bad move here guys. Last Friday, I decided to finally use up my store credit at Gamestop that was unused after I realized I didn’t have the money to pay for a 360. I had planned on picking up a copy of Halo 2 and maybe a controller, but then I saw Oblivion. I had been looking forward to that game on the 360, and decided to pick it up for the PC.

I had some worries though. My graphics card was on the low end side of supporting the game, and I was worried it might not run. And my worries ended up being true for a time. On Tuesday I picked the game up and rushed back to my computer to install the game. I watch the beautiful intro and I am relaxed, ready to start up a new RPG. But right as the intro movie ends and I should be into the gameplay, the game crashes. And it’s same story every time. Sweet, I just wasted 50 bucks on a game I can’t play. But wait, I end up reinstalling Windows on Wednesday, I make sure to install the newest drivers and by Thursday I am playing the game. And tonight I am around 6 hours into the game, and I am loving it a lot.

Sure, the graphics are not that spectacular due to my low end graphics card, which I might be upgrading soon. But the story line is making me forgot about that and really drawing me in. I am playing and Orc Warrior right now. I really like to bash things with my mace. But, I said I thought I screwed up before. Well, I am liking this game so much that I really dont want to do much else other than play the game. We will see how schoolwork goes the next couple of weeks.

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