Start of Spring brings Change

Well, I don’t know if I have ever paid enough attention to the weather before. But thanks to my  Konfabulator weather widget, I realized today that it is 20 degrees warmer here in Mankato, Minnesota than it is in Palo Alto, Cali. Needless to say, it is quite beautiful outside today, even if the bright sunlight does give me a headache (which reminded me that I need to buy some sunglasses). Also, I believe this was the first time I have studied Differential Equations outside.

I realized today in one of my stupid gen ed classes that I have only 4 weeks of classes left at my current college. It felt kind of weird to think that I won’t be around many of the people on campus ever again. Maybe I am too sentimental, but I have a sad feeling about the last couple of weeks. Not that I will never be able to see these people again, or that I can’t live without most of them, but just that I am leaving the place I spent 9 months of the last 2 years behind.

However, I am also very enthusiastic about my new college. I can finally focus solely on classes that are either needed for my major, or classes I want to take, with a few exceptions of course. And if you know me, you know I do not have much appreciation for gen ed classes.

So yeah, it’s spring and things are looking up, if I can only get through that last 4 weeks of stupid classes. 



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