Ozzfest Review

July 26, 2006

Well, Ozzfest has come and past. I am somewhat ashamed to say that this was my first Ozzfest. I really regret not going last year when Iron Maiden, In Flames and Black Sabbath played. However, this year’s show was great. I had a lot of fun and am planning to go back next year.

One disappointment for me was all the hardcore bands on the 2nd stage. I might be mis-labeling the bands, but a lot of them had hardcore elements and sounded a lot alike. I would have liked a little more variety in the sound of the bands.

I loved watching Unearth though. They were one of my favorite bands there and they put on a great show. I was worried they wouldn’t sound good live, but they definitely did. One of their guitiarist has a great stage presence. He even did a beer bong between songs. His antics were a great addition to their performance. I can’t wait to see them again.

I didn’t really like Distrubed’s frontman taking 5-10 minutes giving the crowd his view of politics. I go to the show to hear music, not your political views.

I wish Dragonforce had a better slot. They were the first band on the main stage and most of the fans hadn’t migrated to the main stage yet. And I think Ozzy was still playing when they started. They were another favorite of mine, but they have to work on their live show. They didn’t draw me in.

Overall, Ozzfest was great. I went crowd surfing for my first time, which was pretty fun. I can’t wait to go back next year. It will be a yearly trip for a few friends and I. I also can’t wait for Sounds of the Underground. That will be a great concert.

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July 21, 2006

Tomorrow is Ozzfest, and I am pretty pumped right now. I got a friend driving 5 hours down to Madison to see the show with me. We gonna be on the road around 6am tomorrow to catch the first band at 9am. It is gonna be a full day of hard and heavy bands.

Some of the bands I am really looking forward to:

  • Unearth. They seem to be one of the few American metal bands I like right now. They mix what I love about European metal with the best of American metal.
  • Dragonforce. Their brand of power metal is quite interesting and they have a good vocalist. I want to watch and see how they achieve their incredible sounds.
  • Ozzy. He is one of the founding fathers of metal. Even though he getting older and older each year, I look forward to seeing him. I am sure he will put on an awesome.
  • Hatebreed. They are very much one those very heavy bands that goes all out. The pit will definitely be going crazy when these guys play.

I don’t know much about many of the other bands, especially those on the 2nd stage. I am pretty hopefully though. Many of the bands from the 2005 Ozzfest now make up my favorites. I can’t wait to watch some great music and maybe get in the pit as well.

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Summer in Full Swing

July 7, 2006

Well, this summer has started off quickly and I have found myself little time (or want) to write blog posts. But today, I have found myself with some motivation to update people, maybe it’s because I am drinking caffeine again after a few days with very little. Wow, did those days suck.

Anyways, the summer is going good. This past weekend, my roommate and I finally found a place to live so I was quite excited about. I even paid for his meal when we went out to celebrate. While, ok, my dad gave me money for the weekend, but still. That whole weekend was a lot of fun as I got to see a lot friends who I hadn’t seen since school got out for summer.

I have also been enjoying playing World of Warcraft while some high school friends. It’s fun to use Skype’s conference call option to talk while raiding a dungeon. It’s great fun to share the WoW experience with some friends. I would have to say as fun as WoW can be, I don’t play that much unless I am grouping with some friends. I need the multi-player feel.

Oh, last night I bought a laptop online. That might be the most exciting part of the summer so far. It will be nice to have the laptop with me at school since I am off campus this year. Also, I am going to love working outside, on the couch, etc with it. I haven’t decided what operating system I am going to install on it. I had thought about running Ubuntu, but I want to try some other Linux distros. Any suggestions?

One thing I am not so happy about is the Slayer concert. Actually, I am pretty upset not to be going. A friend convinced me that it wouldn’t sell out and we could get tickets there. But it sold out, and now I am missing one of the best concerts of the summer. Oh well, that’s the last time I will trust him.

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Thoughts on Tech Support

July 7, 2006

I have working tech support for close to a month now and have been enjoying most of the experience so far. Though, I have to say it’s not always the easy, laid-back job my friends think it is. I have found a few parts of the job a little challenging.

The first part is one I did not truly consider until this past weekend. My girlfriend, Tanya, and I were traveling to Minnesota to find an apartment for the fall, and queued the podcast I had recently recorded where Jake Dahn and I interviewed Will Pate. We discussed a lot different topics related to Flock, and during the course of the podcast Tanya would ask some questsions. So I would pause the podcast and answer her questions, no big deal.

However, it wasn’t until that car ride that I realized something: I should really be approaching support requests as if I am talking to Tanya or my parents. Not to knock their knowledge of computers, but it pretty basic. I think I should really be answering their questions as if my dad was asking the question. But then again, would my dad really be using Flock? No, he wouldn’t. So how much prior knowledge do I expect the users to have? While I think most Flock users are your average techie, how can I know for sure how much knowledge they have?

Another part of the last 4ish weeks has been finding answers to problems I cannot reproduce on my machine. When I am able to see the problem myself, or have seen it in the past, I am usually pretty good at helping people out. But when I honestly cannot seem to open up my mind to think of all the possible problems. It has just been somewhat difficult to think through all the possible problems when I don’t even know what could be causing the problem (don’t know the code). Hopefully this will come with practice.

Also, I haven’t looked at this article on the assumptions of tech support thoroughly yet, but it looks like something I should look at. Any suggestions for reading on tech support and/or QA, I would be glad for the advice. Eli Goldberg already has added Cem Kaner’s Testing Computer Software to my list. I should see if it’s at the library and spend an hour a day reading it. But that would mean giving up an hour on WoW, and I don’t know if it’s worth it. I mean, it’s summer.

Anyways, any suggestions/comments/feedback would be appreciated.

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