Summer in Full Swing

Well, this summer has started off quickly and I have found myself little time (or want) to write blog posts. But today, I have found myself with some motivation to update people, maybe it’s because I am drinking caffeine again after a few days with very little. Wow, did those days suck.

Anyways, the summer is going good. This past weekend, my roommate and I finally found a place to live so I was quite excited about. I even paid for his meal when we went out to celebrate. While, ok, my dad gave me money for the weekend, but still. That whole weekend was a lot of fun as I got to see a lot friends who I hadn’t seen since school got out for summer.

I have also been enjoying playing World of Warcraft while some high school friends. It’s fun to use Skype’s conference call option to talk while raiding a dungeon. It’s great fun to share the WoW experience with some friends. I would have to say as fun as WoW can be, I don’t play that much unless I am grouping with some friends. I need the multi-player feel.

Oh, last night I bought a laptop online. That might be the most exciting part of the summer so far. It will be nice to have the laptop with me at school since I am off campus this year. Also, I am going to love working outside, on the couch, etc with it. I haven’t decided what operating system I am going to install on it. I had thought about running Ubuntu, but I want to try some other Linux distros. Any suggestions?

One thing I am not so happy about is the Slayer concert. Actually, I am pretty upset not to be going. A friend convinced me that it wouldn’t sell out and we could get tickets there. But it sold out, and now I am missing one of the best concerts of the summer. Oh well, that’s the last time I will trust him.

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