Ozzfest Review

Well, Ozzfest has come and past. I am somewhat ashamed to say that this was my first Ozzfest. I really regret not going last year when Iron Maiden, In Flames and Black Sabbath played. However, this year’s show was great. I had a lot of fun and am planning to go back next year.

One disappointment for me was all the hardcore bands on the 2nd stage. I might be mis-labeling the bands, but a lot of them had hardcore elements and sounded a lot alike. I would have liked a little more variety in the sound of the bands.

I loved watching Unearth though. They were one of my favorite bands there and they put on a great show. I was worried they wouldn’t sound good live, but they definitely did. One of their guitiarist has a great stage presence. He even did a beer bong between songs. His antics were a great addition to their performance. I can’t wait to see them again.

I didn’t really like Distrubed’s frontman taking 5-10 minutes giving the crowd his view of politics. I go to the show to hear music, not your political views.

I wish Dragonforce had a better slot. They were the first band on the main stage and most of the fans hadn’t migrated to the main stage yet. And I think Ozzy was still playing when they started. They were another favorite of mine, but they have to work on their live show. They didn’t draw me in.

Overall, Ozzfest was great. I went crowd surfing for my first time, which was pretty fun. I can’t wait to go back next year. It will be a yearly trip for a few friends and I. I also can’t wait for Sounds of the Underground. That will be a great concert.

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  1. […] On the music front, I believe Iron Maiden comes out with a new album on Tuesday. Hopefully, I will be going to the Unearth concert next Sunday. I really enjoyed their performance at Ozzfest. I am hoping they do just as well, if not better. […]

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