Sounds of the Underground, August 4th

Well, a few weeks after loving Ozzfest, I will be at Sounds of the Undergound in 2 days headbangin’ to Trivium, In Flames and As I Lay Dying. Those are some of my favorite bands and I really looking forward to seeing them.

Trivium should be interesting to watch and listen. Especially listen. They have a new CD out in October and listening to a preview track, Detonation, on Monday night, they sound like a 2006 version of Metallica. Immediately upon hearing the intro, my head screamed “Metallica!!!”, which my friend pointed is great for metal, could really bring metal back into the public eye. It will be interesting to see how well Trivium sounds in concerts and if they play any songs off their upcoming album.

In Flames is also one of my favorite bands right now and have been for a long time. I am really looking forward to seeing how many songs of off Come Clarity they play. I am really digging that album, the same with Reroute to Remain.

As I Lay Dying is headlining the tour and I hope their sound in concert is deserving. I really like Shadows are Security, but I am not sure how well their sound will transfer to a live performance. Sometimes metal bands suffer from a need to play so loud that everything is very distorted and sounds like crap. We will see how they do. I am optimistic.

Not sure how I feel about the other bands, as I don’t know many of them. Gwar is a joke band that works for an entertainment comany. Behemoth could be good, they seem pretty black metal to me. Could be fun to watch live. Their pictures on their site seem pretty crazy. I have heard good things about The Black Dahlia Murder before, so hopefully I am impressed. Don’t know Terror, and my friend said good things about Cannibal Corpse. If I don’t know your band, this is a great chance to impress me. I always love when bands I don’t know impress me, but it hasn’t happened yet this summer.

This concert should rock, with 3 of my favorites bands on the tour. I heard the bands are doing a meet and great after their sets, so I might get to meet some of the members of the bands. I would really like to go see Trivium, but it will be hard to pull myself away from In Flames. We will see how that goes down. I wonder where the after party is gonna be. It would be amazing to chill with some of metal’s best.


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