Sounds of the Underground Review

I gave Sounds of the Underground a week to sink in and I still have the same feeling I left the show with: It was absolutely amazing.

I went to the show with 2 good friends of mine and a dude I didn’t really know before. We got there an hour after the show started so I first the few 2 or 3 bands. We walked into the place as Behemoth was starting and they sounded pretty good, though I am not sure I like their sound. Other than them, the only other 2nd stage bands I watched were Black Dalhia Murder and Terror. Didn’t really care for BDM too much, but I liked Terror enough that I probably gonna snag me an album at some time. Their bassist really impressed with his stage presence, intensity and overal emotion. We skipped GWAR to wait in line to go to the 2nd stage. That was a very good move.

We were able to get right by the railing for the start of the main stage bands and a friend and I stayed there through In Flames. Cannibal Corpse opened on the main stage and put on a pretty good show, but wasn’t really feeling there music. Trivium played 2nd and were fantastic. My friends and I headbanged and yelled along to every song. It was great being so close to the stage. There was a ton of energy between shared between the bands and us. The circle pit that opened up for one of their songs was just huge and I was very impressed.

Next up was Machine Head. Meh.

Moving on, In Flames was up. They were awesome. Can’t really much more than that really. First time hearing them live (same with Trivium) and I am so thoroughly impressed that I can’t wait to see them again. In Flames, please come back to Milwaukee or Minnesota. I really would love to see you again.

After In Flames was done, we left the crowded floor area and rested. We stayed for two songs from As I Lay Dying and left. I like their cd’s but for some reason, they weren’t sounding good in concert.

Outside, my friend got his shirt signed by the lead singer of In Flames and I shook his hand and told them they rocked.

Also, can’t forget two guys I meet at the concert. Nick and Logan (hopefully I got the names right), if you guys read this, it was awesome to rock out and headbang with you guys. Hopefully I see you both at a concert soon.

This concert was by far the best I have seen so far. However, on a sad note, just saw Trivium’s tour list. They are not coming back to Milwaukee. WTF?

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