New School, New Classes, New Ways to Procrastinate

Last Monday I started school again, this time around at a new school. I was somewhat sad to leave, as I am leaving many good friends. But at least I am still in the same city. And my girlfriend, Tanya, still attends that college, so she helps me stay close to some of them.

With this new college comes the chance to finally start taking some cool classes. Sadly, I will need to re-take 2 semesters worth of Computer Science classes, as well be slightly bored in the intro CS class I am in now. General Physics and Linear Algebra will be a challenge for me and Technical Communication should be fairly easy since I have a lot of practice in that area.

I must say that I am already hating homework, since I would rather be learning about Python, playing some Xbox 360, or working in Flock’s support forums. This might be the first year where my job is an enjoyable distraction from school work. Hopefully I don’t decide to not do homework to work instead.

On the music front, I believe Iron Maiden comes out with a new album on Tuesday. Hopefully, I will be going to the Unearth concert next Sunday. I really enjoyed their performance at Ozzfest. I am hoping they do just as well, if not better.

On the tech front, I am really enjoying using Ubuntu on my laptop. Me and my roommate finally got our apartment wired, with a few ethernet cables running through the walls. Tonight, I finally got around to securing my wireless connection, which I should have done right away.

Now, I must leave. I am being called to watch a late night movie. Happy Labor Day, cheers!

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One Response to New School, New Classes, New Ways to Procrastinate

  1. jakedahn says:

    Cheers, to the many new ways to procrastinate!

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