Project Update

Well, in my last post, I wrote about my plans to write up a simple pod(net)cast client that ran in the terminal and could download whatever feed I wanted to subscribe to. Well, I have made a few steps forward an actual useable product.

Thanks to a few fellas in #python, I am making use of the feedparser module, which definitely is making this a lot easier for me. Instead of me trying to get the text of a unicode object into a list, the feedparser module parses whatever feed I throw at it into a dictionary. This makes retrieving various pieces of data really easy, for example, the enclosure href.

Right now, my program (temporarily named pyNetcast since pyPod is actually taken it seems and also because I don’t feel like risking a lawsuit from Apple) parses the SimplyTech feed, gives me the href for the first enclosure, and saves that href to an mp3 file.

On the to do list:

  • Figure out how to know when the feed has been updated and when an episode has already been downloaded
  • Download more than the first episode
  • I would like to see some sort of progress displayed when downloading the file. Right now, all the program displays is the blinking line
  • Subscribe to more than one feed, though this is easily accomplished
  • Be able to update and download silently
  • And some other stuff that I can’t remember

Hopefully I will find some time to keep plugging away at this program in the coming days. In the two nights I have worked on this I have made decent progress. I have to remember to make better use of Google.


2 Responses to Project Update

  1. Manda says:

    Well it’s been… 6 days, any progress on your to do list?

  2. […] Well, it seems that I have at least one reader interested in the progress of pyNetcast. Unfortunately, I don’t have any progress to report. I haven’t found any time to work on it yet. However, I do have something that I feel I should write about. Many of you may already know, but for those that don’t: On last Wednesday, I found out that my dad had brain tumor and was to have surgery on Monday (yesterday). He has been hospitalized since the tumor was found on the MRI. I left for home around 11pm Friday and got home around 4:15am (had to wait for Tanya to get done with work). […]

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