LoG and Trivium Concert Review

March 16, 2007

So I went to a concert yesterday. Lamb of God headlined with Trivium in support.

Gojira opened, a band from France. They opened the concert well and I might look into more of their music later.

Machine Head was next. I saw them in August on SotU and wasn’t impressed. Still not impressed. Very similar set list, new album out soon though.

Trivium played a good set list. They played most of my favorites from The Crusade and the best from their previous two cd’s. I really enjoyed their set, though I think they probably could have played a little longer. My only compliant was one song (forgot which one) where the band quit playing and Heafy solo’ed a line before the rest of the band started playing again. He really didn’t sound good on that line, but did hit the last note.

Lamb of God was amazing. They played all of my favorites from Sacrament. I don’t know the previous albums as well, and played some songs I haven’t heard before. That didn’t stop me from rocking out with them though. For one song, a buddy and I went into the pit. I re-injured my hand; it’s been a nagging injury that I keep hurting every time I play basketball. My buddy probably cracked a rib. That’s a sign of the intensity and brutality in the pits. When LoG came back out for their encore, the circle pits for their last 3 songs were insanely huge. Definitely a sight to see.

The concert did give me one scare. During one of Trivium’s opening songs, the crowd was really pushing around, trying to get up to the front. A few people in front of me fell down, so I tried to brace the people behind me so no one got trampled. But I got pushed on top of them. For a second, I was pretty scared. Fortunately, someone pulled me up and then I pulled up the other guys. No one got hurt!